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As all of you know by now, PTRT has been around over 20 years. On this page we will attempt to put up pics of the cars that we have built, worked on, assisted with and raced over that time. A couple of cars will be missing and we will leave a space for those as we go along. We will start with the earliest ones and move up to present day. We hope they bring back memories to you.



1st car (4-door escort) 2000cc

No pic of second car (2-door escort)

Third car ((was a 2-door escort)

Fourth car was painted black and chopped and remodelled from the third car. No pic available.

Fifth car (ford escort 2000) raw power

6th Car, single seater/rail, Ford 2000, raw power, best time 12.8

7th Car Ford capri SB chevy

8th car Ford Capri SB chevy

2nd Rail SB chevy

3rd Rail 450 BB chevy

4th Rail ( ist edition 450 BB)

4th Rail - 2nd Edition - 630 Big Block

5th Rail 706 BB

6th Rail. 710 BB

7th rail 526 Hemi w/ 1471 blower

Other PTRT assisted cars.

few more to be added still