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In every endeavor, there must be a vision, a drive and a sense of purpose.  A successful outcome is realized with determination, discipline and the burning desire to lead.               

This has been the mission of Sheldon, manager of the Partytime Racing Team, which has played an integral part in making the sport of Drag Racing in Trinidad & Tobago comparable to international standards.

                The team has dominated the sport and has been known to dictate the pace since its inception in 1987, with its debut at Wallerfield in the 17-second bracket. Sheldon, behind the wheel of a Ford 2000 Escort emerged victorious, setting precedence for approximately the next twenty years, which is evident in the accomplishments of the Party Time Racing Team.

  • The first 9-second, 8-second and 7-second times ever recorded at Wallerfield were all achieved by the Party Time Racing Team.
  • Low 8-second runs (8.00 - 8.20) were regular feats attained since 1996.
  •  In 1999, at the Puerto Rico International Speedway, an NHRA track, Sheldon and his team recorded the fastest time for a local driver, blistering down the quarter mile strip in 7.1 seconds at a top speed of approximately 188 mph. A national record that was only bettered by PTRT in 2008.
  • In April 2003, with a newly built NHRA certified dragster, the Party Time Racing Team attempted to clock a 6-second quarter mile run with speeds exceeding 200 mph (on a gasoline powered/nitrous dragster). Few cars and drivers worldwide have ever achieved such an accomplishment at that time.
  • As of late 2008, Sheldon Bissessar and the Party Time Racing Team, have teamed up with tuner, Aaron Sipple of ASE & IRONMAN Chassis.  Since then, the duo has accomplished in two short events what it takes most racers years to do:


A race car requires intense attention to detail. All calculations, tuning and testing is done by the Party Time Racing Team. The team believes that the secret of success is truly understanding every aspect of the race car and making use of the most advanced products and services available. A calm and professional approach at all levels; from the garage to the racetrack is a valuable asset in this highly dangerous sport. The team is of the opinion that international drag racing has a long and bright future ahead and that many more wins and records are in store for the team.

 The team over the years, has changed faces but the vision has remained.  The team not only works on it's own cars but use their expertise in setting up and successfully tuning other race cars. For example, the Showtime Rail, the MintCars Rail (both old and new versions) and more recently both versions of the Llumar Rail.The latter being the only car other than Sheldon’s to touch into the 6 sec. bracket in Trinidad. (a feat racing pundits say was never possible in Trinidad and Tobago). The team also offers assistance, advice and technical information and support to other teams and racers. The team is also willing to assist anyone who asks.

The Partytime Racing Team over the years (past and present) has names like:

Sheldon Bissessar (Satan)

Larry (Laro)

Giselle Bissessar

Leslie (from Grenada)

Aaron Sipple  (ASE)

Ravi (from Grenada)

Glen (Chevron)


Tony (Bouge)

Michael (Mint)

Gerome (Gerry)

Mahadeo (Jets)

Andy Jr. (Ling)

Allan (Poudy)

Tony  Gentile(NJ)


Rishi  (Llumar)


Mike (ASE)

Roger K

Andy (Sharkie)


Brian (Brags)


Denzil (Bo)


Sheldon (PSTL)


Andrew (PSTL)

Big Brian,

Luke (Skywalker)


Randy (Scar)

The Late Frankie Ramdeen (Rambo)

Lester (Bigman)

The Late Garvin

Aaron  (Chevron)

The Late 'Greek'

Nathan (Cameron Race Cars, Texas)

The Late Alva Ali

There may be other names that we cannot remember at this time. Please forgive us if we have left out your name.




In every endeavor, there must be a vision, a drive and a sense of purpose.  Sheldon believes that the secret of success is truly understanding every aspect of the race car and making use of the most advanced products and services available. A calm and professional approach at all levels from the garage to the racetrack. In this highly dangerous sport, he is also fully aware and un-compromising about safety. Sheldon has been involved in this sport for over twenty years (20) and has no intention of stopping until he reaches the highest level attainable, this is what drives him so passionately. Sheldon is an integral part of the building of the cars, he knows and understands the physical, mechanical, electrical and chemical components used.  He is the type of driver that goes all out in a race and to do this he needs to be confident about his car and his abilities . He would not take the car to the starting line if he thinks it is not at 100% functional.He has raced 14 different cars starting in the 17 sec. and cumulating in the 5 sec. bracket at present.  He has the distinction of being the first Trinidadian to run 9-second, 8-second,  7-second , 6-second and 5-second times . Who knows, 4-seconds might be next. 

Some of his achievements includes;

  • winning  the TTASA Circuit Drags 2003,
  • winning the TTASA International Award 2007,
  • winning the international drag meet in Trinidad versus Aruba against "the Brazilian flash"
  •  qualifying  #1 in Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Track record 7.0sec e.t. @ 200mph (Nitrous converter Dragster),
  • qualifying  #1 in Curacao,  Curacao Track record 7.0 sec @ 200mph (Nitrous converter Dragster),
  • the first nitrous dragster to go over 200 MPH in the Caribbean (Curacao),
  • the first Trinidadian to drive at over 200 mph, Wallerfield Track record Northern track,
  •  Wallerfield Track record Southern track(7.3 sec @ 186mph),  
  • Camden Track record (6.8 sec @ 200mph),  
  • built and tuned the other 4 fastest cars in Trinidad - Llumar rail, Mint Cars rail, Hero rail and Showtime rail,
  • first Motorsport Nominee to make it in the Top Ten FCB Sportsman of the Year Awards 2008. 

He has also excelled in the US over the last few  years by accomplishing feats like;

  • being the Owner/Driver of one of the fastest Nitrous Top Dragster in IHRA (2007/2008),
  •  qualifying in all IHRA & Pro events entered in the U.S. for 2008 and 2009,
  • qualifying at the 2008 IHRA World Finals Rockingham Dragway North Carolina with a blistering  5.83 e.t.@232mph ¼ mile and  3.78 e.t. @ 193mph 1/8 mile (one of the fastest Top Dragster runs seen at that time),
  • qualifying  No. 1 at the 2008 Snowbird Nationals Bradenton Florida, setting a Pro Top Dragster World Record of 5.77 E.T @ 241 MPH (¼ mile),
  • winning  the Championship at the 2008 Snowbird Nationals Bradenton Florida (the first Non-American to ever win the prestigious Snowbird Nationals),  
  • London Dragway Kentucky (2009)- 1/8mile - 3.77 sec ET @ 194 MPH Pro Top Dragster Record,
  • Maryland International Raceway  1/8mile - 3.72 sec ET @ 193 MPH Top Dragster Record and most recently,
  • Summit Motorsports Park Norwalk Ohio - 1/8 mile -3.77 sec ET @ 193 MPH -Pro Extreme Dragster Record. 
  • Aspiration : Top Fuel Driver 330 MPH+