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The Partytime Racing Team withdrew from active competition in Drag racing from December 1999, (after setting the record in Puerto Rico), for some minor mechanical improvements to the then Partytime/Mobil1 Rail. It was during this time that the new project was conceived by Sheldon (driver/owner Partytime Rail) and the plans were started to realize this goal. This project meant a new chassis and new systems.

This was projected to be a slow and pain-staking time for Sheldon and the team, to acquire and put all these things together. During this time of in-activity, Showtime Rail was born to driver/owner R. Pustam. The Partytime team put together and tuned the first Showtime rail (the old Big Daddy chassis). After an unfortunate accident on the track Pustam acquired the chassis from the Partytime/ Mobil1 Rail and again the team put together and tuned it successfully for almost two years as the Showtime/Mobil Rail (2000-2002) including a very successful visit to Grenada. During this time also the team also put together and tuned the Inland - Offshore Malibu (up to present day the full potential of this car has not been seen). This car was acquired by Michael of MINT CAR LTD. and the Partytime crew together with the Mint Cars Crew continued to tune it. This alliance led to the birth of the MINT CARS RAIL. The Partytime team was instrumental [together with the Mint Cars Team] in the sourcing, preparation and tuning of this new Dragster that was expected to run in the 7 seconds bracket.

In April 2003, with a newly built "Cameron Race Cars" , NHRA certified dragster, the now PSTL Partytime Racing Team is attempting to clock a 6-second quarter mile run with speeds exceeding 200 mph. Few cars and drivers worldwide have ever achieved such an accomplishment with a gasoline powered engine.

Approximately fifteen years experience went into the building of this race car. The most advanced mechanical and technological equipment has been incorporated in this project culminating in the production of a machine, the likeness of which has never been seen in Trinidad & Tobago. A car of this nature requires intense attention to detail. All calculations, tuning and testing is done by the PSTL Partytime Racing Team.

The team believes that the secret of success is truly understanding every aspect of a race car and making use of the most advanced products and services available. A calm and professional approach at all levels; from the garage to the racetrack is a valuable asset in this highly dangerous sport.

Sheldon and his team intend to set a new record, after which they plan to go to Puerto Rico, Aruba, Curacao, Miami and Houston Texas, not just to compete, but to win the Championship. International drivers and critics claim that it would be very difficult or almost impossible to clock a quarter mile in less than 7-seconds in Trinidad & Tobago. The PSTL Partytime Racing Team is out to prove them wrong. The first 6-second run is to be dedicated to Mr. Alva Ali, founding member and mentor to Sheldon. Alva's words of wisdom, his calm disposition and his calculated approach have formed the foundation of the PSTL Partytime Racing Team through the eyes of Sheldon..

The first two outings at wallerfield saw some teething problems with the gearbox and clutch systems that had to be sorted-out. This is the first time that this type of box (Lenco) is being run in Trinidad so it is a learning process (tuning wise) for the team. The team is confident now that we have the system workable and await the next race day to put our theories to the test. This system did not perform as expected and the team decided to go by way of the Bruno Converter Drive and a Lenco two speed transmission.

With this set-up the car ran in Curacao and did a 7.01 sec at 200.3 mph. we had some problems with the converter and was unable to better this time. However, this time did show us that our goal was within reach. This led to the choice of staying with this chassis or going to one that can do what we wanted. We opted for the newer chassis and engine.

The new chassis was built by Spitzer in California and the motor was done by Pat Musi of New Jersey. The first set-up of the motor was fuel injected. We only managed a 6.55 sec in Maryland USA (2005), on one stage of Nitrous. The car was based in Englishtown, New Jersey. New set-up and improvements and modification took place. The latest mod. was the installation of split-dominator carburetors and two Edelbrock Progressive Nitrous Controllers. This would afford us some additional tuning options.

These additional options and a learning curve saw us qualifing as the top Nitrous Dragster in every meeting we entered in 2006 and 2007. We even got the car down to 6.3 sec @ 213 mph.

Some future options may include switching to a clutch system (due to new Top Dragster rules) or maybe even going with a blown engine. We are yet to see, we are looking at the most economical way to increase our times to make us more competitive. This is future talk and by the end of this 2007 season we will know better.  In 2008, Sheldon decided to bring this Nitrous Monster to Trinidad to accomplish his long standing dream of running the first 6 sec on local soil. We did run a 6.83 at Camden. The team also took on the job of building and tuning another rail (Llumar Rail). All this time a new car was being set-up in the US to compete in IHRA Top Dragster group. This one with a blower, and the rest is now history.

The Specifications on the Nitrous Car are included in this article. The Team is still available to build, prepare and tune cars for Drag racing locally, for anyone who wants their assistance and expertise. The Team can source certified and special chassis and custom built motors from the US because of its affiliation with "SPITZER", "PAT MUSI RACING" and "CAMERON RACE CARS" and other suppliers. Sheldon can be contacted via this website.


706 ci Pat Musi all aluminum Motor,
Three Stages Edelbrock nitrous system,
2400hp+, VP fuel, Chevron Oil, Fram filter and Autolite plugs.
4 stage Dry Sump oil system, Gary williams Split Dominator carbs,
K & N air filter, XRP, ARP, CSI fittings and hoses,
Magnaflow fuel system. Aerospace components Vacuum and Water Pumps
Fel-Pro/SCE gaskets, Custom Built Headers, Aerospace Brakes, Simpson's safety equipment.

'Spitzer' chromoly TIG welded Dragster,
Carbonfibre body panels and mono-wing, 295 inches long, 1750lbs,
NHRA, IHRA certified.

Lenco two (2) speed transmission, Bruno's Converter Drive and a COAN's converter.
Mark Williams rear end, Weld Racing rims and Goodyear tyres.

Electronics and systems:
MSD programmable Digital 7 plus, MSD crank trigger,
MSD pro-power HVC coil, Dedenbear relay module,
Mallory low profile distributor and wires,
Programmable Edelbrock progressive nitrous controllers,
Custom Wiring and Switches,
Autometer guages.

CO2 shifter,

RacePak data collection system,


PSTL (performance services technology ltd.)
Chevron Lubricants (T&T)